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Make the Best of Your Computer

Nobody likes slow computers. Is it time for a new one?



Repair / Upgrade / Renew

What do you do when our computer does not work how it should?
Repair it? Upgrade it? Change it for a new one?

Focus on the cause

Try to treat the cause. Most problems are caused by poor maintenance, outdated technology or software issues.

Eco solution

Improve your current devices life with at least 3 years by upgrading it to its maximum capability. It is cheap, environmental friendly and you do not lose any data.

Free advice

If you are not sure which option is best for you just send a photo of your laptop’s manufacturer and model number and you will get free advice.

How to improve computer speed in 5 basic steps?

Here is a list of basic steps:

  • update your drivers and operating system
  • check your computer for malware and spyware
  • move unnecessary files or folders on another drive
  • adjust appearance for best performance
  • carefully clean cooling system

Bonus tip:

  • remove the battery from laptop

Computer maintenance

Dust, the unreachable enemy

Depending on the computer architecture physical cleaning might be need more often. Sometimes it requires complete computer disassembly.

Usually, your computer requires cleaning in one of the following situations:

  • interior cooler makes a lot of noise
  • computer freezes
  • computer randomly turns off
  • it is more than 3 years old and has never been cleaned

Dust is also a problem because in many cases you can not reach the end of it. Do not try to disassemble your computer by yourself because this can cause permanent damage to its components or even risk of electrocution.

Speed up to 10x faster with a new SSD

Operations included by disk replacement:

  • Replacing old HDD with a new SSD
  • Complete system cloning on the new SSD
  • Efficient disk partitioning
  • Malware and virus detection and cleaning
  • Interior cooling system cleaning
  • Optimizing visual and startup programs for better performance
  • Windows update to the latest version (when possible)
  • Drivers update (when needed)
  • Other upgrade possibilities lookout (RAM)

Highly recommended!

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